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Re: problem with remote NFS

On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 06:37:10AM -0700, Keichii Moto wrote:
> Thanks, now it can boot with remote NFS :-)

that's good to hear! ;-)

> But I encounter another problem. After booting NetBSD,
> I type the login name, then it seems to quit(it didn't
> show password prompt). but I run xc_dom_control.py
> list,
> the domain id 1 is NetBSD. Did I miss something?
> The following is my procedure to run NetBSD after
> booting XenoLinux on domain 0:
> 1. xen_nat_enable
> 2. xen_read_console &
> 3. run xc_dom_create.py script(-f netbsd -D
> 'vmid=1...etc)

xen_read_console only shows the output of the guests' console
on the current tty but you can't interact with the guests through
the console/xen_read_console.  Xen-unstable has support for
bi-directional consoles.  I will probably add support for
Xen-unstable soon since the interfaces between Xen and guests
seem to have stabilized now.

You'll have to configure sshd (or telnetd/rshd) in NetBSD and then
you'll be able to login over the network.


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