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Updated VAX images available with patched GCC

Hello, VAX fans,

I've been testing the patches made by Kalvis Duckmanton which are available from the link in this message:


Most of the known toolchain problems seem to have been fixed by Kalvis, but of course more testing is always good.

The NetBSD installation files with these patches are available here:


The ISO is here:


I've updated my SIMH image with these updates and have made them available for download. Here's how to use the updated VAX SIMH image.


Install SIMH for your OS (via pkgsrc is good), fetch the above files, and change vax.ini to have the location of ka655x.bin on your system, if it's not in the pkgsrc default location.

Next, create a swap file, create a bridge and a tap interface, set permissions for /dev/tap0, and launch. Change "wm0" to whatever ethernet interface you have and change /dev/tap0's group to whatever your group is (johngroup for example), then change permissions. As root:

ifconfig tap0 create
ifconfig tap0 up
ifconfig bridge0 create
brconfig bridge0 fwddelay 1
brconfig bridge0 add tap0 add wm0
ifconfig bridge0 up
chgrp johngroup /dev/tap0
chmod g+rw /dev/tap0

As your non-root user:

dd if=/dev/zero of=swap.img bs=1m count=256

Finally, launch simh:

simh-vax -v vax.ini

Once you get to the chevron prompt ">>>", type:

set boot dua0

And the system will boot. There is a "vax" user with a password of "netbsd" for local ssh access.

pkgsrc.img is a separate filesystem, so if you want quick, local access, you can use vnd (but not at the same time as simh is running!):

vndconfig vnd0 pkgsrc.img
mount -o log /dev/vnd0a /mnt

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

John Klos

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