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urtwn on VAX not working properly


I have a VAXstation 4000/90 which is running NetBSD 8 from 15-August-2017. It has a TURBOchannel adapter and a TC-USB card from Felix Deichmann (thanks, Felix!), and USB works well.

At first I used a Ralink run* USB wireless device and had no problems other than the fact that it stuck out very far and made me worry something might get knocked and damaged.

I switched that for a Realtek urtwn* USB wireless which barely sticks out of the USB port. It came up, wpa_supplicant negotiated to get on the network, then dhcpcd was able to get an address. I could ping on the network.

Any sort of transfer of data larger than a certain size, though, fails. I could see the packets leave the VAX (well, at least the VAX thought the data was going out), but nothing appeared at the other end.

VAX end:
Laptop end:
ssh log:



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