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Re: Netbooting VS4k60

Charles Dickman wrote:

> After some experimentation I determined that the probe of the le
> device was failing because the lance chip detected a memory timeout
> during a DMA cycle. During the probe, the lance is initialized which
> includes loading a configuration table from memory. If the init
> succeeds then the chip is detected. If it fails The KA46 System Board
> Specification says that the lance memory timeout error occurs when
> there is a memory parity on the previous DMA cycle.
> The interesting thing is that the boot loaders from ROM and NetBSD
> always work without any indication of error. There has also never been
> any memory errors. The machine has a full complement of memory
> (104MB).
> If there are any comments or suggestions I would like to hear them. I
> hate to think there is a hardware problem that is unlikely to be
> fixable.
> -chuck
> (now being more careful about gmail)


I would try to see what happens with the smallest amount of memory that's


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