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vax 6000 power supply schematics?


nice to see the activity on this list :-) My vaxen (vaxes?) have spent a while asleep in storage, now I think it's time to power them up again. I converted the vax 6610 from three phase to single phase around ten years ago, it worked fine on single phase power. Now I plugged it in, turned the key and after a short audible pop nothing happened. Turning the key just results in a relay clicking, no fans, nothing, so I assume I must be something in the very beginning of the power distribution that made the pop noise. When I did the 3p-1p conversion, all I had were some descriptions, I did some sanity checks and rewired the box. Now I would like to have some schematics or at least block diagrams since there are quite a few enclosures inside the vax itself and I don't have a clue what they should be doing. There's nothing on bitsavers, does someone here have documentation for the vax6000 series? Or a pointer to some information?


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