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Re: VAX RPB (Restart Parameter Block)

> Which is showing the change of the HLT_SWX and HLT_ACT Flags above.
> >>> sh mem
>         01000000         
>         00000000         
>         00FFA600:00FFFFFF
> >>>
> ..displays the memory, but I don't know what this means at all.
> Maybe the area between 00ffa600 up to 00ffffff is that bad marked area?
> The 01000000 seems to be the 16 megabytes of installed RAM (End Address?)
> 0 the Starting Address?
> The bad marked are seems to be in the middle of the available Memory area,
> is there a way to map out those pages from NetBSDs use to preserve it's
> contents?

I've found in the meantime the description of this sh mem output, it is
exactly as I thought.
"The first 8-character field displays the total amount of memory in the
system, including the console data structures. The second 8-charackter
field shows the first address of 256K bytes of contigous memory. The final
line of the display shows the address range of the area of memory that is
reserved for use by the console program. This field will be repeated as
many times as needed to display all address ranges that are not available
to the operating system."

So the question is now how I can tell NetBSD that it should leave this area
alone and 2nd how I can find out which memory area(s) this is on a particular
system in a more generic way as hacking it in the sourcecode directly.
I found a tleast the starting Address of this area at offset 0x68 to the
Console message box in that area, but nothing that's looking like the block
length of 0x5a00. Looking for an end address of 0x0ffffff is somewhat
counter-productive I think..

Can please someone look at the NetBSD sources? This is getting more and
more "Construction sites", a little to much for one like me..


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