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Re: rtVAX300 .. need help..

[Holm Tiffe]
> [...], there are questions come up when I read code like this:

> #define VS_REGS         0x20080000      /* Misc CPU internal regs */

I suspect Kenn Humborg is correct in thinking that these registers
control onboard logic and have nothing to do with CPU-internal
registers in the architecture sense, the sense of what MFPR and MTPR

[Kenn Humborg]
> Your CPU is a KA620, so [...]

Um, no.  Quite aside from being documented as different, being a single
CVAX chip (which the KA620 isn't), and not being a Qbus card (which the
KA620 is), we know that it doesn't use MTPR/MFPR console access,
whereas the KA620 definitely does.  (Or, at least, the KA620s I worked
with back in the 1980s sure did! :-)

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