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Re: Installing -current

Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:
On Tue, 2008-02-19 10:27:10 +0100, Johnny Billquist <bqt%softjar.se@localhost> 
Jan-Benedict Glaw skrev:
I'm failing to compile some of the more interesting packages with
NetBSD-4.0 .  It seems -current should come along with the PIC-fixed
compiler and shared libs enabled. How do I install that on a naked
SIMH VAX? I tried to find some binaries, but it seems all the snapshot
and daily directories don't contain any VAX packages?
No, -current have shared libs and PIC fixed compiler, but it is also a broken compiler, along with a broken system.

Do you know what's actually broken?

Short answer: the kernel. Possibly other things, too. Matt Thomas seems to be actively checking in fixes, though.

So there are no builds of -current for VAX, and haven't been for over six months...

To draw the line: There's no way installing a "current" VAX?

Correct. I think the closest you'll get is to have cvs give you -current sources from a while back and build a release from those. I am running 4.99.19 and it seems to be OK; I built it on May 5 2007 from sources that were probably less than a week old at that point.

-Henry Bent

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