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Re: Installing -current

Looking at the commit message for GENERIC, it seems that Matt is in the process of adding TC support for the VAX.
I guess he comitted some stuff, but not some other... :-)


David Brownlee skrev:
On Tue, 19 Feb 2008, Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:


I'm failing to compile some of the more interesting packages with
NetBSD-4.0 .  It seems -current should come along with the PIC-fixed
compiler and shared libs enabled. How do I install that on a naked
SIMH VAX? I tried to find some binaries, but it seems all the snapshot
and daily directories don't contain any VAX packages?

    It looks like there is an issue building a -current kernel:

/home/builds/ab/HEAD/src/sys/dev/tc/asc_tcds.c:451:2: error: #error TURBOchannel only exists on DECs, folks...

    Interestingly that section has not changed since 2000

#if defined(__alpha__)
                        addr = (u_int32_t *)ALPHA_PHYS_TO_K0SEG(pa);
#elif defined(__mips__)
                        addr = (u_int32_t *)MIPS_PHYS_TO_KSEG1(pa);
#error TURBOchannel only exists on DECs, folks...

    So it looks likely that some change has caused that file to be
    included in the vax build.

    As a quick test you could:
    - Download and extract NetBSD current src - the tar.gz files from
    - comment out any line starting asc from
      sys/arch/vax/conf/GENERIC and sys/arch/vax/conf/INSTALL
    - Run './build.sh -m vax release' (should work on any NetBSD
      architectures and most other unix like systems, eg Linux etc)

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