Subject: initial VS3100 wscons and X support
To: None <>
From: Matthew Fredette <fredette@MIT.EDU>
List: port-vax
Date: 10/03/2000 22:56:24

It's funny how things come in bunches.  One day after Emil Oeberg's
announcement of wscons and X support for the VS3100, in , I got
my stuff working too.  It feels great to finally be able to use
that mouse for something!

If anyone wants to try this out, I have put some files up:
is a kernel patch to complete wscons support on the VS3100.
is an xsrc patch to compile a wscons Xmono.
is a pre-built Xmono binary.

Now for the disclaimers:

- These patches and this binary are being supplied by me with no
  warranty whatsoever.

- More often than not, I get a panic when the X server exits.
  Haven't gotten one at any other time.  I haven't tried to track this
  down yet.

- As the filename suggests, the kernel patch is against the syssrc.tgz
  that Chuck McManis provided with his 1.5ALPHA 20000801 snapshot.
  See .    

- I didn't try to build a GENERIC kernel, although I provide a patch 
  for its configuration file.  I don't know if these changes will hurt 
  other VAXen.

- The old lkc driver won't compile with these patches.  This
  shouldn't matter, since you want to use the new driver anyways.

- Don't forget to mknod /dev/wskbd0 and /dev/wsmouse0, with
  major numbers 69 and 70, respectively.

- The xsrc patch is against sources with the netbsd-1-4-RELEASE tag.
  Not super current, but I happened to have them on CD.

- I made many of my changes by copying entire files from other
  places, then modifying them.  For example, the dzkbd and dzms 
  drivers started out as copies of the zskbd and zsms drivers,
  and the Xserver hw/netbsd/vax support started out as the 
  hw/netbsd/macppc files.  I preserved all copyright notices.



Matt Fredette,,
"If you understood everything I said, you'd be me."  - Miles Davis