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Fwd: Free Sun items for Sun 2 and Sun 3

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From: silvercreekvalley <silvercreekvalley%yahoo.com@localhost>
Date: 29 September 2013 23:11
Subject: Free Sun items for Sun 2 and Sun 3
To: cctalk%classiccmp.org@localhost

Clearing my storage unit and have a few bits and pieces of Sun stuff  if
anyone is interested. All items are not tested, so for parts only, and they
are free but collection only. I have some pictures.

Sun 3/60 - seems complete with colour frame buffer and memory

Sun 3/80 - case, motherboard, floppy drive and PSU only (no memory or HD)

Sun 3/80 - case only

Sun 2 monitor on swivel pedestal. This looks to be mono ECL but serial
number is hard to
read so not sure. Hard to find these days.

A large CPU board - I think from a SPARCserver of some kind
(501-2055), it is fully populated
with memory, has an SBUS card (frame buffer possibly), and two CPU
modules fitted.

A boxed Sun keyboard (probably Sun sparcstation era).

Collection from South bay area (near San Jose, CA). All items free.
Prefer someone to take
everything in one go.

Email me if interested.

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