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Re: Booting Sun3/50 Diskless from Serving PC

I'm not booting to multi-user mode but it's not quite time to ring the soup bell:

I get two warnings during boot to multi-user mode as follows:
Building databases:
KVM_mkdb: machdep.booted_kernel: the value is not available: no such file or dir

and the second more troublesome one:
mount_nfs: g21:/export/sun350/swap on /swap  not a directory
swapctl: g21:/export/sun350/swap mount failed

/export/sun350/root/etc/fstab has the following line in it for swap:
g21:/export/sun350/swap none swap sw,nfsmntpt=/swap
g21:/export/sun350/root  /       nfs    r,w

Yet, as recommended in the previous e-mail, the directory /export/sun350/root/swap is really there as well as
/export/sun350/swap    this one is a file.  I enlarged it to 16 Mbytes

Sun350 appears to basically running though I'm not sure how it manages to get fully booted in mult-user mode without a swap file. I only have 4Mbytes of memory.

David Brownlee wrote:
On Thu, 5 Mar 2009, David Johnson wrote:

I moved all of my various individual exports directories as they were shown in the NFS Diskless Boot Howto to /export/root as you suggested in your email:
    *WAS                                                           IS*
/export/sun350/root /export/sun350/root
/export/sun350/swap  (is an 8Mbyte file)  -->  /export/sun350/root/swap
/export/sun350/usr /export/sun350/root/usr
/export/sun350/home /export/sun350/root/home

My etc/exports now looks like this:
/ -maproot:root:wheel -alldirs sun350.grid.net <---- this works without complaint from mountd

    Now you have your exports like that you should also be able to
    mount home and usr as separate filesystems if you want (though
    personally I would leave them as they are)

I can boot diskless to single user mode but I'm still having trouble getting swap to work. Your comment about /export being a separate file system on my server raises questions. I simply did a mkdir /export to create this tree on my server. But what I'm ending up with is completely different from what the NFS diskless Howto shows for setup. I'm wondering what happened in my case and why am I ending up so different from the HOWTO description?

    I suspect part of it could be related to additional checks
    that NetBSD added a while back to prevent multiple NFS
    exports of the same base filesystem, so /etc/exports configs
    that used to work no longer do.

    The diskless howto definitely needs some updating.

    For the swap file can you try:
    - move the swap file to /export/sun350/swap
    - create a directory /export/sun350/root/swap
    - Try the following in fstab on the client
      server:/export/sun350/swap none swap sw,nfsmntpt=/swap

    (According to the swapctl manpage that *should* work).

fn:David W. Johnson
n:Johnson;David W.

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