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Re: 4.01 panic/lock issues?

On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 01:21:09AM +0900, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
> > I haven't done much troubleshooting on this one yet since I just started
> > seeing this one today. Is anyone else running 4.0.1-release on sun3 yet?
> > So far, I've noticed that the GENERIC kernel panics immediately on the
> > beginning of the boot sequence, and I'm getting random panics and lockups 
> > when I roll my own.  I wasn't having this issue with 3.1.1 prior to
> > upgrade, so I'm tentatively ruling out hardware.
> > Just curious if this is a known issue that I'm running into or not. 
> What model and what panic messages?

It's a 3/60, and most of the panics have been MMU-related. I recently
reloaded 3.1.1 on it and have been using it again, but I can get 4.0.1 
installed on a second drive pretty easily. I'll get that going later
tonight and report. If nothing else, I could dump a 4.0.1 GENERIC kernel
on the existing load and watch it crash.

> I'm afraid no one has tried 4.x on 3/60 and
> bus_space(9) or bus_dma(9) changes in it
> might have bugs on some obio devices.
> IIRC 4.0 works on TME, which emulates VME based 3/150)

aha. That may be part of the issue then. I'll report back in a little
bit and let you know.

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