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Re: Sun T5220 firmware update

On Oct 21, 11:08am, Sad Clouds wrote:
} Hello, it's a long shot, but does anyone have a copy of latest firmware
} for this system? Oracle restrict downloads unless you have support
} contract with them. According to their web site, this is what they

     Please don't ask for pirated stuff here.

} currently provide:
} System: Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 Server
} Firmware: SysFW 7.4.11 (based on ILOM 3.0)
} Patch ID: 147307-15
} It's a strange "walled garden" business model they have, I bet if
} Sun/Oracle made their hardware more accessible to students/hackers,
} then more people would be interested in running SPARC + Solaris and the
} ecosystem would flourish.

     Sun no longer exists.  Oracle has no interest in students/hackers.
They are primarily aimed at the enterprise market and have done
extremely well there (as a software company, they are second only
to Microsoft in size).  I understand that there is some argument
that if students/hackers like something they will bring it to the
enterprise.  On the other hand, for that problems that Oracle
Database is designed to solve, there is very little competition.

}-- End of excerpt from Sad Clouds

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