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Sun Blade 2500 won't come up at all - "Last Trap: Corrected ECC Error"

Sorry for the sorta-O/T ...

My Sun Blade 2500 (Silver) NetBSD test box was turned off for a bit. Just tried to fire it up again but it croaks as soon as I turn it on now:

ERROR: /pci@1e,600000/isa@7/serial@0,1016: Last Trap: Corrected ECC Error

(I'm using the 9-pin serial port console at 57,600 baud.)

Pretty much every PROM command elicits this same message.  Bad DIMM(s)?

I've got 8 x 1 GB DIMMs in it.  Pretty sure they're all identical.

Do I just yank them all out and start with a pair in slots 2 and 3 to see what's wrong? It's been so long since I touched anything inside that as soon as I tried to take the DIMM fan assembly off, both tabs snapped :-/

		- Greg

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