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Re: Blade 2000 stability

Martin Husemann wrote:
On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 03:23:41PM +0200, BERTRAND Joël wrote:

        I have installed NetBSD (from daily snapshot) on a Blade 2000. I
        have seen that Blade 2000 (with USIII) was stable, but I have seen a 
lot of
stability issues. Randomly, this server hangs without any message (log
or console). Kernel doesn't panic, but seems to enter in a deadlock
(console doesn't respond anymore, network connections are closed...).

There are some PCI root bridge issues still unresolved, but they usually
cause the machine to reset instead of hanging.

I haven't seen any PCI root bridge issues (with USIII+ CPU, I don't have USIIIi).

You could try a kernel with DIAGNOSTIC/DEBUG/LOCK_DEBUG added (slow!), and
see if this catches anything. Do you have a special workload to trigger the

I have investigated since my first mail and I think that memory was defective. This server ran with 8 * 1 GB. When I have replaced this memory by 8 * 256 MB, it runs fine.

        Other question : does NetBSD adjust CPU frequency ? I have found
information about acpi drivers, but nothing about a sparc64 driver.

No, is it even possible on that hardware?

It is possible (Linux can slow down CPU when it is idle). CPU can run at nominal frequency, half and 1/32 frequency. I'm trying to patch kernel to add cpufreq data in cpu_info structure.

Also make sure you have Julian's latest changes to dev/tda.c, it will make
an audible difference on Blade 1000/2000.

        Yes I know ;-)



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