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Re: U80 console trouble

>> Today (well, 2013-02-05 - yesterday, by now, in this timezone) I
>> tried to run NetBSD/sparc64 on an Ultra 80.  [...keyboard working to
>> drop into ddb, not but dead userland prompt]

> Need a whole bunch of info:

> What sort of keyboard?

Type...6, I think?  I can find out.  One of the types with...

> How is it attached?

...the miniDIN-8 connector, the one type-4 and type-5 use (and, though
the connector is different, electrically the same as the type-3 and

> What are the OBP device nodes involved?

I don't know.  I can find out, but not for a few days.

> Can you get messages of the kernel trying to attach the keyboard?

Yes (though, again, not for a few days).  I do recall noticing a report
of wskbd0 (or was it kbd0?) getting associated with a wsdisplay, but I
don't have the rest of the relevant autoconf goop.  Indeed, it might be
hard to get it, because most of it has scrolled off the screen, and
I've been unable to get any input to userland.  I can try for serial
console, though I don't know whether that will perturb the symptom out
of existence.

Hmm, this is the install CD; maybe I can make the install software, the
stuff that's printing the prompt I can't answer, grab dmesg and dump it
out serial port A or some such.

> What's the OBP `input-device'?

Whatever the default is (we did a set-defaults).  I can get details in,
again, a few days.

I didn't figure most of those would matter too much because the
keyboard is clearly hooked into the kernel fine at lowish levels,
because L1-A drops into ddb, meaning the relevant serial port hardware
is getting protocol from the keyboard and recognizing at least a few
keystrokes correctly.  Or at least that's my interpretation; do I

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