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ultra45 port - mostly works!

hi folks.

over a year ago i ported the openbsd pyro(4) driver that is needed for
the pci-e support in the ultra45 workstations.

as normal, i was using netboot extensively for this and after i got to
the point of trying to mountroot it wouldn't.  i assumed an interrupt
routing problem, and debugged that way, and only occasionally had time
to look at this.

more recently, martin reminded me that some bge(4)'s don't work when
they're netbooted, and indeed, i was able to get the ultra45 working
if i netboot from bge0 and mountroot on wm0, or use the disks.

i'm currently building packages on this machine.

there seems to be an ehci problem, additionally aceride seems to have
a problem so i have disabled those drivers.  (the cd@aceride seemed to
work OK, but it causes long pauses during boot.)

i haven't checked, but i'm pretty sure there are no code changes in my
tree that are needed for this.  that means it probably works with
netbsd-6 as well, but i haven't tried.

i have seen one lock-up where "SIR" was printed on the serial console
twice (i assume by each cpu) and it did not reset and required a power
cycle, before i had a stable userland installed.



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