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Re: Early crash on SB2000 (panic: init: no memory

On Mon, 29 Oct 2012, Julian Coleman wrote:

> > Current fails to boot from disk on my SB2000, with "panic: pmap_init: no
> > memory".  The same kernel boots fine over the network though.  Also, a 6.0
> > release kernel also boots fine.  The machine is:
> And the PROM says:
> {0} ok cd /memory
> {0} ok ls
> {0} ok .properties
> reg                      00000000 00000000 00000002 00000000 
> available                00000001 ffdb0000 00000000 000fa000 
>                          00000001 ff000000 00000000 00da0000 
>                          00000001 fe008000 00000000 00ff6000 
>                          00000000 00000000 00000001 fe000000 
> name                     memory

The first segment contains almost all the memory.  The other segments are 
one 16MB segment (size 0xff6000), one 14MB segment (size 0xda0000) and one 
100KB segment (size 0xfa000).  So you have around 30MB left for the 
kernel to play with.

I assume you dumped this before booting?

Could you boot with -d and when you get to DDB drop to the PROM and dump 
the /memory available property when booting both from disk and from the 
network?  And if it's possible to do the same from ofwboot just before it 
jumps into the kernel that would also be helpful.

Originally ofwboot would just load the kernel in any old place and then 
the kernel would attempt to relocate itself to a 4MB boundary  so it could 
map itsel in with locked 4MB TLB entries.  The relocation was always a bit 
of a tricky operation, but it did allow you to boot the kernel with the 
Solaris bootloader in a pinch.  That logic has now been moved into ofwboot.  

I'm guessing that the ofwboot logic that makes sure the kernel is aligned 
to a 4MB page has a math problem that's corrupting OBP's free list.


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