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re: UltraSPARC III

> > there is a problem with the USIIIi variants.  i suspect it is the
> > pci controller or some other III vs IIIi difference.  my SB2500
> > will reset after "some time" (it can be as little as a few minutes
> > or as long as 15 hours) under heavy load (such as a build.sh -j5.)
> And this problem *doesn't* apply to the USIII, only the IIIi?

that's correct.  i can make my SB2500 reset itself after a short time
(usually) but the SB2000 is very solid now.  i've run mine for several
days with 10+ jobs in the queue (two build.sh -j6's) before turning it
off for being too hot/noisy :)


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