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Keyboard fails on Sparc64 install of NetBSD 4.0.1

This is my first post to the mailing list, so if I've done something
wrong, please let me know.

I posted this issue over at BSDnexus and it was suggested that I try
the Sparc64 mailing list. So here goes:

...I am new to NetBSD. I am trying to install NetBSD 4.0.1 on a Sun
Blade 150. It has a Type 6 USB keyboard.

After running "boot cdrom", it boots the NetBSD CD and eventually gets
to this line:

----Begin Output----
If you are using a SUN type 4 keyboard, please enter "sun-type4".
Terminal Type (just hit ENTER for 'sun'):
----End Output----

The problem is, I can't type, I can't hit enter... nothing. The
keyboard will not function. Even simple things such as pressing
NumLock do not work (the LED does not light up as usual).

I have searched all day to find a solution to this. Is there something
in the PROM I need to change, or is this a bug, or what? Has anyone
seen this before? I know the keyboard works, and I've tried multiple
USB ports and get the same issue.

Help, and thanks,


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