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Re: SATAlink PCI card and Ultra 5?

Whatcha need to do is figure out why OBP isn't seeing the device on the 
U5.  Turn on fcode-debug? and diag-switch?, reset the machine, cd to the 
/pci node and see if there's a "pci-debug" word visible.  If there is,
set it to true and type probe-all.  It should display what OBP does to
the BARs for each device it probes.

Alternatively, you can select the /pci node and config-l@ with the correct
config space address to directly read the device registers.  

If you can see the device then OBP is not probing it properly.  You should
be able to create an nvramrc script to generate a node for your device, or
possibly tweak the PCI prober to recognize the device.

If you can't see the config space registers then it's some sort of 
hardware incompatibility and you probably need to find a different card.


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