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Re: SMP support for sparc64

On Jun 29,  2:10pm, Takeshi Nakayama wrote:
} >>> Takeshi Nakayama <tn%catvmics.ne.jp@localhost> wrote
} > Please test and review the attached patch.
} I just updated the patch, which fixes "RED State Exception" at
} shutdown and probably hang on SBus based machines.
} Pre-compiled kernel is also updated.
} >   ftp://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/misc/nakayama/netbsd-GENERIC.MP.gz
} I have changed assignment of timers in this update.  Previous patch
} uses %tick interrupt for system clock.  This patch uses
} counter-timer #0 as same as single processor kernel, but %tick is
} used for per-CPU statclock instead of counter-timer #1.

     Would it be possible to get a patch relative to your previous

}-- End of excerpt from Takeshi Nakayama

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