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Re: noise of Blade150

>>>>> "dw" == Doom Warrior <doomwarriorx%gmail.com@localhost> writes:

    dw> noise factor of the Blade150?

suggest netra X1.  it's quiet and cheap.  There is no PCI slot.

The V120 is oddly exTREMEly loud.

but frankly, do not mess aorund with this stuff.  It's sometimes big
and noisy and power-hungry, and always slow and buggy.  I am still
committed to it at my place, but I can't recommend it for others any

Although I say it without experience, I would suggest a fanless Via C7
board from logicsupply.com that has two RTL8169 gigabit ethernet
chips.  Be sure to get the realtek chip not the via ethernet chip.
Some of the boards even have minipci slots, so you can run a wireless
AP off the same box.  The hardware is i386 and well-supported by all
three BSD's, I think, and they will fix you up with a fanless case.

Or you can buy a Meraki Outdoor and try to run openwrt-svn on it.  or
a Microtik Routerboard.  none of these will work with BSD for now.

The hard part is finding a managed switch that's quiet.  I haven't
been able to arrange that yet.

    dw> some freaky 1000Base-T

heh, thanks for writing 1000BaseT instead of incorrectly saying
1000BaseTX like ifconfig. :)

the intel 82540 based cards are the only ones that work
semi-consistently for me on all BSD flavors and all card variants.
I've been using Compaq NC6136 which are cheap on ebay compared to the
copper version even if you include the cost of a fiber jumper.  but
then you need a noisy switch.

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