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noise of Blade150

Hi all,

I want to replace my SS20 as a router, because after moving into a new
flat, the Router stand in the livingroom. For the livingroom the
harddrive and the fans of the SS20 is to loud.
So my plan is to switch to a new machine. Currently I try to acquire a
new SUN machine.
Can anymody how owns a Blade150 unreveal some information about the
noise factor of the Blade150?

Beside this are there other issues, I should take into concern?
I currently have on my checklist:
- buggy IDE controler -> Workaround: use IDE->CF-Card to boot kernel.
Filesystem on a USB  drive
- second RJ45 needed -> take a hme-PCI card maybe switch later to some
freaky 1000Base-T

Oh another question pops into my mind... Has somebody messured Watts
needed by the machine?

Thanks & Best Regards

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