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Re: Best config for production server WAS: Sun Blade 100 vs Ultra 60


On Sun, 17 Feb 2008, Miles Nordin wrote:
>      a> Also, is anyone using any port-sparc64 system as a production
>      a> server?
> I think it's not.  Also, it will probably be slower than the Mac.  You
> really need to use a PeeCee.

I haven't been able able to make a PC work reliably enough or had too many
issues to use a PC as a server. The reality of the situation is that every
time I get involved with any PC I lose money. I currently have 2 sites
that are in the alexa.com top 1 million sites (based on traffic). I
Currently have then running on a G3 mac and amiga both running NetBSD (I
also have a bunch of small sites on them too). Before that, one was on 2.3
xeon system, and every morning I would have people tell me that it was
down (although, the server itself would not crash it would just stop doing
anything). The other site was on a dual processor dual-core system. It
crashed so much and took so long to do a filesystem check that I put into
crontab "shutdown -rf now" every 2 hours.  Sometimes it would still not
make it and would go down before the 2 hours were up. The company that the
server was leased from started swapping our parts to try to figure out
what was wrong. They ended up replacing the server, and it still went

I am going to be working on a supermicro server today, but I have no hopes
to use it has a server. First of all, they are not mine. Secondly, because
they use SCA drives I would not be able to put in large enough drives and
enough of them, besides disk performance is terrible. I am going to set it
up for him and temporarily use it as a test box.

What I really want to be able to do is run NetBSD 4 on non-intel hardware
reliably in something with a smaller case, but that I could still put in 3
or more drives. I don't really know any other OS anymore and I am afriad
to buy a PC because of all the money that I have lost on them in the past.
I could tell more PC horrior stories. I wish that I could tell one PC
success story, but I don't have one. All the time, I have people asking me
to fix their computers. I first try to tell them I don't do windows, but
sometimes I still get roped into it and I always lose money on it.

If you could recommend something that is not intel or a clone, please let
me know.


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