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Package binaries for NetBSD/sparc64 4.0 / pkgsrc-2007Q4


I've uploaded the files in the results of a bulk build for
NetBSD/sparc64 4.0 (compiled on 4.0_BETA2) to


This time I've cheated two ways: I started before the final cut
of 2007Q4, and I left the package binaries from 2007Q3 in my
repository of binary packages.  I've therefore not re-pointed the
4.0 symlink in the directory of the above.

This build was done from sources updated Dec 29 2007.  A total of
4.0GB of packages were uploaded, for a total of 5222 packages.

I will promptly update to the official 2007Q4 branch and do a

As indicated above, the build was done on a machine running
NetBSD 4.0_BETA2, and most of these packages should be usable both
on 4.0_BETA2 and newer versions of the OS.


- Håvard

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