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Re: bug in zx's FBIOSCURSOR (with patch)


On Mon, 11 Feb 2019 18:24:38 +0000 (UTC)
Chase Rayfield <cusbrar2%yahoo.com@localhost> wrote:

> >I actually have a ZX ( actually a TurboZX, a two slot SBus monster that
> >came with two SBus cards that contain nothing but extra fans, so all in
> >all this thing occupies four(!) slots ) here, although I doubt a whole
> >lot of people are actually using that particular hw with netbsd...
> ><snip>
> >I'll dig up my SUNW,leo and see what this actually does. Somewhere I
> >even have docs...
> >
> >have fun
> >Michael  
> Any idea what makes a TZX vs a ZX... just a different clock input to
> the raster pipes etc? I got a ZX a few years back from a guy that was
> selling a bunch of SS20's with ZX's IIRC... got the card for $40
> which was pretty sweet. 

Not sure, I think they're supposed to be software compatible. And the
TZX gets a bit hotter, hence the fan cards.

> Still, have an eye out for a AG10E.

I have one here, I need to dig it up and get the Xorg driver adapted to
Xserver >1.10. They're nice if you can find one...
That said, the ag10e is definitely the better choice for X. The 24bit
colour part is a glint 300sx, which we know how to talk to ( matter of
fact my xf86-video-ag10e driver runs code napped from the glint
driver ).
ZX is far more complicated and as far as I can tell the sunleo driver
in Xorg doesn't do any kind of acceleration whatsoever. Even plain cg14
without SX ( which we also support... ) would be faster.
And for getting 24bit graphics you may also want to look for an MGX -
basically an AT24 ( see xf86-video-atm ) with 4MB VRAM behind a custom
sbus-to-pci bridge, with some trickery it can do up to 1280x1024 in
24bit. I wrote a console driver and at some point I'll write an Xorg
driver for it ( currently the kernel driver and wsfb will conspire to
run it as a dumb framebuffer in 24bit, not better than a zx but it's a
single slot card and it doesn't get hot either )

> Also I recently acquired a Ross Sparcplug, and a Hyperstation 30
> motherboard and 2x 142Mhz wide dual CPU cards (though one may be a
> prototype and the other has a bent mbus connector repairable I
> think), also an sbus expansion that I'm not sure works with NetBSD.

Nice! I've been looking for a hyperstation since ~forever, never seen
one on ebay, or anywhere else for that matter.
We support some sun4c era sbus expansion thing with the xbox driver. I
doubt it got much testing in the last decade.
Reminds me - IIRC the hyperstation has an updated memory controller so
it can handle 128MB modules - does it still have an SX?

> I'll definitely give it a test drive on Netbsd later this year I
> hope. Planning on 3d printing a case for it.

It would be nice to know all the differences between SS20 and
hyperstation mainboards. So when you get there please report what does
or doesn't work, and if possible send me the ofctl -p output.

have fun

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