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Re: bug in zx's FBIOSCURSOR (with patch)


On Sun, 10 Feb 2019 16:19:07 -0800
Jason Thorpe <thorpej%me.com@localhost> wrote:

>I actually have a ZX ( actually a TurboZX, a two slot SBus monster that
>came with two SBus cards that contain nothing but extra fans, so all in
>all this thing occupies four(!) slots ) here, although I doubt a whole
>lot of people are actually using that particular hw with netbsd...
>I'll dig up my SUNW,leo and see what this actually does. Somewhere I
>even have docs...
>have fun

Any idea what makes a TZX vs a ZX... just a different clock input to the raster pipes etc? I got a ZX a few years back from a guy that was selling a bunch of SS20's with ZX's IIRC... got the card for $40 which was pretty sweet. 

Still, have an eye out for a AG10E. Also I recently acquired a Ross Sparcplug, and a Hyperstation 30 motherboard and 2x 142Mhz wide dual CPU cards (though one may be a prototype and the other has a bent mbus connector repairable I think), also an sbus expansion that I'm not sure works with NetBSD. I'll definitely give it a test drive on Netbsd later this year I hope. Planning on 3d printing a case for it.


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