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Re: Booting on raid1 rootfs

        Hello.  I'm not sure if the Sparc port is the same, but on I386 and
Amd64, you need to insure the ffs filesystem on the raid set begins 64
sectors from the beginning of the partition from which you're booting.  The
secondary boot block is getting loaded, as evidenced by your output, and
it's looking for the kernel either on the ffs partition beginning at the
end of the disklabel  for the partition you're booting from or 64 sectors
into the partition you're booting from.  64 sectors may not correspond to a
cylinder boundary with your disk's geometry and if you aligned your
filesystems on cylinder boundaries, that may be your problem.  Normally,
raidctl(8) takes care of the alignment for you, but perhaps because of a
geometry confusion, it didn't.

On Feb 24,  1:44pm, =?UTF-8?Q?BERTRAND_Jo=C3=ABl?= wrote:
} Subject: Re: Booting on raid1 rootfs
} Le 23.02.2014 21:23, Martin Husemann a =C3=A9crit=C2=A0:
} > On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 05:24:30PM +0100, BERTRAND Jo=C3=ABl wrote:
} >>    I have seen that sparc supports raid1 rootfs, but how can I install
} >> bootblock ? I have tried in /dev/rsd1a and in /dev/rsd1c without any
} >> success.
} >=20
} > Dim memory says I installed them to rsd0c and rsd1c (or whatever disks
} > make up your raid0). Maybe installboot should be smarter?
} >=20
} > Martin
} Original NetBSD installation was done on /dev/sd0a. I have created a=20
} raid1 array with /dev/sd1a and one absent disk.
} I have tried to install bootblock with :
} # installboot -v /dev/rsd1a /usr/mdec/bootxx /boot
} and
} # installboot -v /dev/rsd1c /usr/mdec/bootxx /boot
} I can send installblock output this evening.
} Installboot does not return any error. Some time ago, I have seen the=20
} same trouble on sparc64 and I have fixed it by installing bootblock on=20
} raid array instead of whole disk.
} OBP can find boot block with boot disk1 or boot disk1:a, but is unable=20
} to find kernel on raid array.
} Best regards,
} JB
>-- End of excerpt from =?UTF-8?Q?BERTRAND_Jo=C3=ABl?=

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