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Re: free timekeeper RAM lithium batteries for Ultra5/10

They do work in a U1 Enterprise.  I also have a couple of spares if anyone in Oz wants them

From:        Steve Rikli <sr%genyosha.net@localhost>
To:        Michael <macallan%NetBSD.org@localhost>
Cc:        port-sparc%NetBSD.org@localhost, port-sparc64%NetBSD.org@localhost
Date:        06/03/2011 09:14 AM
Subject:        Re: free timekeeper RAM lithium batteries for Ultra5/10
Sent by:        port-sparc64-owner%NetBSD.org@localhost

On Thu, Jun 02, 2011 at 05:27:01PM -0400, Michael wrote:
> On Jun 2, 2011, at 2:57 PM, Steve Rikli wrote:
> > Unpacking some boxes I ran across a small packet of "timekeeper" RAM
> > Lithium batteries for Ultra5 / Ultra 10.
> >
> > Since I've given away all my Suns of that class, I have no need of
> > these spares -- happy to give them (I have 5-6) to NetBSD folks.
> >
> > The part#s etc. I can see on the chips:
> >
> >   M48T59Y-70PC1U
> >   WHT3049X
> >
> > Looks like a 28pin package, fyi.
> >
> > The kit is located in Silicon Valley, CA, USA; all I ask in return
> > is reimbursement for the cost of shipping.
> Is that the same thing they used in the SS20 and U1?

I don't know for certain but I don't believe so.  I have a couple of
others which are pulls from SS10 and SS20 IIRC, and they have different
part numbers than above.

Dunno about Ultra1 -- used them at $WORK but never had one personally.



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