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re: Berkeley db 4.8 and newer, and sparc

> >o Do we have any #defines besides __sparc__ and __sparc64__ to tell us
> >which cpu gcc creates code for?
> __hypersparc__
> __sparc_v8__
> __sparc_v9__
> __sparclet__
> __sparclite86x__
> __sparclite__
> __supersparc__

in particular, __sparc_v9__ is defined in environments that support
64 bit cpus, but may be 32 bit environments.

we some times jokingly call that "sparc44".  :)

the point is that there are 3 targets here:

        - v7/v8 [this might be two targets]

        - 32 bit v9

        - 64 bit v9

and you can use _LP64 and __sparc_v9__ to pick which one from the
source file.


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