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Re: system hangs when issuing 'reboot'

On 02/24/2010 02:29 PM, Noah McNallie wrote:

i've been mingling with operating systems on an older sparc64 lately (an
ultra 30 300mHz 2mB). I had netbsd on it for a while and always claim
netbsd to be my favorite all around operating system (though i find they
all have their uses).

anyways! yea, I was running HEAD from i think feb 2nd (maybe 3rd) and i
ran into the problem 3 times while trying to reboot from a root ssh
session. dunno what more to explain. after issuing the 'reboot' command
the system would just simply hang and do nothing. I feel i've found
netbsd to be rather unstable lately? i havn't used it in a few years as
i've been in asylums and group homes. is this just me or does it have to
do with that 7 million line patch introduced to 5.0 ?

i hope you guys find this whole heartedly and not with any opposition
with netbsd.

Noah McNallie

I also wanted to note that this only seems to happen in that HEAD, maybe recent HEAD too, I will install netbsd and test!

Noah McNallie

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