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Re: NetBSD 5.0 and SPARCstation 5 not a lucky combination

More testing results: with appropriate wscons stuff added to my LX and SS20 kernel configs (copied from -current GENERIC), wscons appears to work in NetBSD/sparc 5.0 for both cg6 and cg14, and doesn't hang. Also, as expected, the cg6 text scrolling is a whole lot faster than PROM/OF calls (RASTERCONSOLE also provides this benefit for cg6, but there has apparently been a regression wherein it hangs).

There are artifacts when control of the graphics device passes from PROM/OF to kernel driver (and back again), e.g. clearing the screen, text area resize, but I don't believe any of them are sufficiently serious to warrant holding back on turning on wscons support by default.

So, I'd like to see the wscons kernel configuration in -current GENERIC pulled up to the netbsd-5 release branch. Mr. Portmaster, can you please do the honors and make the necessary requests of our release engineering team?

        Erik <fair%netbsd.org@localhost>

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