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Re: NetBSD 5.0 and SPARCstation 5 not a lucky combination

> I dimly remember that the old rcons code draws at least the cursor
> and maybe all text by software and uses the blitter only for
> scrolling and rectangle fills.

Depends.  Looking at the 3.1 code, I see CG6_BLIT_CURSOR, which if
turned on seems to do the cursor with the blitter.

As I recall, most of the usability gain from cg6 acceleration came from
scrolling.  There is some font-draw support in the hardware, but I
suspect it's not that much faster than software font-draw.

>>> Perhaps the next step is shutting [RASTERCONSOLE] off, and seeing
>>> if the problem persists.
>> That would be an interesting datapoint.  With no wscons and no
>> REASTERCONSOLE, console display _should_ go through the PROM
>> callbacks, AIUI; [...]
> I'm pretty sure the PROM drawing routines for the cg6 use the blitter
> for at least a few things.

Yes.  Scrolls, at the very least; it scrolls too fast to be anything
else.  However, don't callouts to the ROM code run with a bunch of
stuff disabled?  That should help some....

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