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Old Sun hardware available - Leeds, UK


I have a SPARCclassic and some related bits that I don't need any more and thought that I would offer them for free to anyone that can collect them (I might be able to deliver in Leeds or London).

Unfortunately when I powered on the SPARCclassic today to confirm its specs smoke started coming out of the PSU fan. I quickly pulled the plug... If anyone still wants it for spares/repairs you're welcome, and I also have some SCSI devices that I think are OK:

SPARCclassic, no RAM (I removed 2x16MB SIMMs to use in another machine), unknown disk. Sun SBUS Fast ethernet + SCSI card (was in the SPARCclassic when it failed, so not sure if it works)

Sun 411 external SCSI case (same footprint as SPARCclassic), containing 1GB Seagate ST11200N (blank, and worked when I erased it today).

Sun 611 external SCSI case, containing 1GB Conner CFP1080E (also blank and working).

Sunrise external DDS-3 tape drive (I think that the actual drive is an HP), not tested recently but worked when last used.

Sony external magneto optical drive RMO-S570 (I got this with the SPARCclassic but never used it due to lack of media).

Various SCSI cables and terminators.



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