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Best release for an old SPARCclassic


now I use NetBSD 3.1 SPARC on an old SPARCclassic workstation with 48MB ram, 1 
GB internal hd (other HDs are in an external SCSI box dedicate at file sharing 
in my home's 10MB network) and MicroSPARC 50Mhz process.

I know that it's old... but I love this box and it stay with me from several 


Performance, it is a problem... I use it as samba, nfs, DHCP, DNS server... and 
sometime I use PostgreSQL as db for my cd/lp collection. All work file but if I 
use and old NetBSD release... can it be faster then 3.1 ?
No X at the moment... but I like to use a recent PostgreSQL release, now I use 
8.2.5 without problem (compiled in a night).

So... for an old SPARCclassic what it fasert NetBSD relase ?

Ganimede Dignan.

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