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landisk (Plextor) installation stuff


This is mostly borrowed from http://www.tokuda.net/diary.gns/200609b.html#1602 (it helps to have a Japanese-reading person around - thanks, Rieko!)

I'm curious if someone can tell me if this is what I need to do to make a bootable NetBSD system (I have no serial console yet). It's mounted on another NetBSD system via a USB-IDE thingie, and therefore sd0. Also, the landisk tree from netbsd-4 has been build into /usr/dest-landisk/:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd0d count=1000
dd if=/usr/dest-landisk/usr/mdec/mbr of=/dev/rsd0d bs=512 count=1
fdisk -0 -u /dev/sd0d
(don't change what BIOS thinks, sys ID 169, start 63, use the rest of the disk, no bootmenu, don't update bootcode, write to disk)
fdisk -a sd0
(want to change, select partition 0, happy, write)
disklabel -i -I sd0
(a, 4.2BSD, 63, `disk minus swap`, b, swap, a, $, e, unused, 0, 0, W, y, Q)
newfs /dev/rsd0a
installboot -m landisk -v /dev/rsd0a /usr/dest-landisk/usr/mdec/bootxx_ffsv1
mount /dev/sd0a /mnt
cp /usr/dest-landisk/usr/mdec/boot /mnt
(in sh)
cd /mnt
for file in /usr/dest-landisk/sets/*.tgz; do tar xzpf $file; done
cd /mnt/dev ; ./MAKEDEV all
vi /mnt/etc/master.passwd (add account(s))
vi /mnt/etc/group (add groups and account(s) to wheel)
vi /mnt/etc/fstab
/dev/wd0a / ffs rw,softdep 1 1
/dev/wd0b none swap sw 0 0
/kern /kern kernfs rw 0 0
/proc /proc procfs rw 0 0
vi /mnt/etc/rc.conf
(configured=yes, hostname, sshd=yes, dhclient rtk0, et cetera)
pwd_mkdb -L -d /mnt /mnt/etc/master.passwd
Install the kernel, install the drive into the landisk machine, and boot?

The problem is that I tried all of this, but it doesn't boot. Should installboot be run differently? I'm not familiar with MBR-type partitioning; did I do that incorrectly?

Thanks very much,
John Klos

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