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Re: Porting NetBSD to SGI Fuel?

In article <20180901191200.GC24020%tifa.domain.name@localhost>,
Silas  <silas%nocafe.net@localhost> wrote:
>I'm about to acquire a SGI Fuel workstation (processor IP35).  I soon 
>discovered that NetBSD doesn't support it (I can only run IRIX and 
>OpenBSD on it).
>There is a wiki entry [1] about porting NetBSD to other SGI machines 
>(Octane and Origin).  Fuel is not listed among the others, but anyway 
>I'd like to ask if anybody has the willing and the time for mentoring me 
>on the project to porting it to Fuel.

If it runs on OpenBSD it should not be very hard to port the relevant
code to NetBSD...


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