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Re: SGI Octane


On Thu, 31 Aug 2017 16:02:25 -0400
0x1b <1byte%dc859.net@localhost> wrote:

> I was reading on http://wiki.netbsd.org/ports/sgimips/ that the
> Octane IP30 is not supported because mips64 toolchain is required,
> however some people over on the IRC channel said there was a mips64
> toolchain.  Is the information on the ports page out of date? Should
> it be updated?

We have a mips64 toolchain and CPU support by now, what we don't have is
Octane hardware support.

> Does anyone have an Octane?

Not me.

> I've been looking to get one for the  specific purpose of NetBSD
> testing, but I can't seem to find one affordably.

Yeah, pretty much anything SGI is ridiculously expensive on ebay.

have fun

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