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Re: PR 36158 (>256MB in O2)

On 2013-03-02, at 3:47 PM, Kevin Day wrote:

> Is anyone working on PR #36158 (NetBSD/sgimips does not properly detect the 
> total amount of physical memory in an IP32 (O2) machine)?
> I'm working with a library who wants to reuse a bunch of O2 machines as 
> locked down kiosk web browsing systems, but I wasn't aware of this limitation 
> until we got reasonably down this path. Looking at the diff for OpenBSD to 
> add support it doesn't seem trivial, but I'm not sure if all of that is 
> needed here. Any progress on this since the last PR update?

I don't think there's been much activity on the sgimips port for a long time. 
You may be better off just using OpenBSD as Miod and company seem to be more 
active (and have the support you seek already). I think their sgi port is 
almost entirely a superset of ours by now.

In any event, wouldn't the library be much better off with a bunch of cheap 
atom machines? These SGIs are pretty ancient, and atoms would probably pay for 
themselves in power savings over a few years.


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