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Re: documentation

> > I'm looking for any documentation on SGI hardware. E.g. Indy, Indigo,
> > etc.
> The only official hardware docs I know of were for the Indy (Indigo2 is 
> largely identical). The Linux-Mips guys have them on their wiki:
> http://www.linux-mips.org/wiki/IP22

This is great! I did not expect so much documentation to be available!

> Brent Casavan at SGI was able to release portions of docs for the HPC1.5 
> (attached). As far as I know, that's the extent of docs for IP22 and older. 
> I've never looked at the newer machines, but others (especially the OpenBSD 
> guys) probably know more.
> The Indigo hardware is very similar to the Indy/Indigo2. The graphics and 
> audio aside, the biggest difference is that it uses the HPC1.5 DMA engine for 
> ethernet/scsi/etc, which has slightly different registers from the HPC3. The 
> R3000-based Indigo (IP12) has a few other slight differences, but is mostly 
> the same as IP12 save for the processor and different PROM.

Yeah I decided this morning to go for an Indy emulation as there's more
documentation available for it.




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