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Dead Indy / Parts up for grabs


I recently powered up my old Indy which I haven't used in a year or two to
assess if it was still usable so I could get rid of it as a working system.
However when I try and power it on, the fan repeatedly spins up and the
speaker farts a bit, and the front LED blinks amber and green. It looks
like the PSU might be toast, (it's the earlier non-Sony variety).

Unless someone wants the whole system, I can part it out if anyone is
interested. Apart from the main system board, chassis, etc. it has (from
memory ;-)):

- 150 MHz R4400SC CPU (I'll pull the EPROM chip that ISTR goes with it)
- 8 x 16 MB SIMM's
- 24-bit XL graphics board
- 10 Mb/s Ethernet board (just has AUI 15 transceiver connector)
- Some sort of Fore Systems board (ATM? has RJ45 connector)

I also have an Indycam and the SGI granite keyboard/mouse.

For the whole system I'd only like to have it picked up (I'm in the UK
near Reading) but for the parts I can probably ship those if you agree
to pay the shipping costs.

Priority will be given to NetBSD developers.



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