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Re: SGI O2 R12 NetBSD5.1 - good but some problems

> Some further info...
> I tried an old 3Com PCI Ethernet card in my O2 and I still get "cpu
> error 4" and it hangs after a few large FTP transmits. So the problem
> is not confined to the on-board Ethernet. Curiously, large FTP receives
> seem to work fine.

On a hunch I was wondering to run with secondary caches disabled.  I
was going to disable the interface but that would just make subsequent
upgrades a pain.

>> There are some small updates in NetBSD-current I was going to try.
>> http://cvsweb.netbsd.org/bsdweb.cgi/src/sys/arch/sgimips/mace/
> I'll be interested to hear if they make a difference.

I'll have to cross compile a kernel on my PC, enabling some of the
debugging options.  My friend who has more experience in these matters
tells me the kind of fault doesn't sound like one we're going to get
much out of the debugger.  The fault is a freeze, a tight loop rather
than a kernel fault or oops.  But we can try.

I'll have to reformat first to get the swap space up to the same size
as RAM so that I can trigger a fault and dump core.  I can do that while
the kernel is building. I'll try get it done this week.

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