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Re: problems installing

mark%fishladder.co.uk@localhost wrote:

> trying to get 5.99.8 installed on my O2. The 1st problem i had was  
> disklabel would only show me as having a 35MB disk. dd'ing the disk  
> fixed that problem, not sure if it was my setup or whether disklabel  
> will not work if irix is all ready on the disk.
> I then managed to get sysinst to install the system and all was well.  
> rebooted and went back into the prom set the environment variables up  
> and typed boot. The bootstrap comes up but fails to find the kernel.
> all info bellow.
> Any ideas?

Did sysinst say "All selected distribution sets unpacked successfully"?
I.e. is there /netbsd in /dev/sd0a?
Izumi Tsutsui

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