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Re: Got an R5k Indy

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On Feb 9, 2009, at 3:26 PM, Stephen M. Rumble wrote:
On Feb 9, 2009, at 11:55 AM, Michael wrote:

( shipping was more expensive than the Indy itself )

And the Indy is one of, if not the lightest!

It's certainly the lightest one I have ( the others are an O2 and an R10k Indigo2 )

Questions so far:
- - I noticed that either the last character isn't drawn or the cursor isn't updated in time. Is it just me or do others see this too? Might be just a missing wbflush() somewhere in the newport driver. Or, if characters are drawn directly into the framebuffer we probably need to map it uncached.

I think you're seeing a known issue with the cursor positioning. Some revisions apparently need a workaround to get the correct location, but nobody really knows which. C.f.:

XFree86's newport driver uses a slightly different logic to determine the cursor offset.
For the record - mine is:
- - board revision 1
- - cmap revision 5
- - xmap revision 5
- - vc2 revision 0
and the appropriate offset is 29

- - do we have any real documentation on newport? The next thing I'd do is to port the X driver over to Xorg.

Check out the following:
I'm not sure if it's 'real', but the Indy is probably the best documented SGI machine.

That's better than I expected and it should allow us to accelerate at least the more common Xrender operations, at least on 24bit newports. On the other hand, the X driver doesn't support any acceleration whatsoever right now, I'll get there when I'm done with the kernel driver.
More things I noticed:
- - scrolling downwards doesn't work - the blitter's direction is set the wrong way so it just duplicates the same line over and over again - - we should use fastfills for rasops erase* ops - we need no ROPs, clipping or anything, just plain fills
- - no virtual consoles
- - on 24bit newports we copy 32 planes even if we only use 8 - not sure if that has any impact on anything yet - - there's no support for fonts that are not 8 pixels wide although newport could easily do at least 32 pixels which should be enough for what we need
I think I have enough documentation to fix all that.

have fun

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