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Re: Got an R5k Indy

On Feb 9, 2009, at 11:55 AM, Michael wrote:

( shipping was more expensive than the Indy itself )

And the Indy is one of, if not the lightest!

Questions so far:
- - I noticed that either the last character isn't drawn or the cursor isn't updated in time. Is it just me or do others see this too? Might be just a missing wbflush() somewhere in the newport driver. Or, if characters are drawn directly into the framebuffer we probably need to map it uncached.

I think you're seeing a known issue with the cursor positioning. Some revisions apparently need a workaround to get the correct location, but nobody really knows which. C.f.:

- - do we have any real documentation on newport? The next thing I'd do is to port the X driver over to Xorg.

Check out the following:
I'm not sure if it's 'real', but the Indy is probably the best documented SGI machine.


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