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On Apr 21, 2008, at 20:56, Al - image hosting services wrote:

On Mon, 21 Apr 2008, Michael Lorenz wrote:

My 450 mhz Rev. 2 G3 B&W has scsi. I tried using the Adaptec control that it came with, but end up putting in an ATTO controller. I then put in 2 - 250 gig ide drives with Acard SCSI-to-IDE bridges. I then had an intel 100mbit network card put into it, because I could not get it to transfer enough data though the built-in port. But still even with the size of the case I think there would be a problem to mount the drives where they are
supposed to go with the Acards attached. Also, this server costs me so
much to colo because of the size of the case. I may still look for a
rackmount chassis for it.

The mainboard should be more or less ATX, the power supply is ATX so you might be able to squeeze it into a standard PC case without too much pain. Apple onboard ethernet prior to gem ( I think they started using that with the 1st G4s ) sucks, the thing they used in the G3 series ( bm at obio ) sucks even more. Oh, and disks with those cards attached wouldn't fit in the O2's SCA bays anyway.

I bought a G4 1.33 ghz Xserve (slotload). Firstof all, it would not boot with the generic kernel. After alot of messing around with it, I still had an issue with extra interrupts from the IDE controller. I still have not been able to make it work. I probably am going to sell it because I really
need the money.

No idea what's wrong with it, I've never seen an Xserve even from afar. Might be easy to fix but that's pretty much impossible without hardware.

The truth is that I am getting a little bit frustrated. I had 2 kernel
panics in the same day with the G3 that I am using now. It has never
kernel panicked before. I really am worried that it has a hardware
problem, but it doesn't seem like I can build another server no matter
what I try.

What kind of panics? Did you do the usual ritual of reseating everything from RAM modules, PCI cards, the CPU, cables and so on? Seemingly random panics are often hardware problems. My dual G4 is rock stable running a 4.99.54 kernel, same about the beige G3. On sparc64 you may want to try -current, lots of things have been fixed since 4.0 ( like threading, random watchdog resets and so on ).

have fun
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