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I have a R14k in my possession for the moment -- need help porting NetBSD to it!!!


I am also logged into #netbsd on EFNet, my nick is "mod6".  I'm
working here @ IBM and we want to get NetBSD working on this R14k
server that I have.  I need help from you guys to do this, I think it
would be a big step since apperently netbsd doesn't even support R10k
yet.  But i have these machines at my disposal.  Please work with me
to get this cross compiled etc.

Do you know if there are huge changes in the processor between 10 &
14?  Registers? Assembly Mnumonics?

I know a friend from Germany who was working on the project (im more
of a freebsd guy) -- but his name is "marc"  and i think his email was
"marc%netbsd.org@localhost" this would have been about 1 year ago or more.  I
haven't heard from him since.  And since I'm in Arizona, USA, its a
little hard to track him down.

Please let me know what you can do for me, and I'll see what I can do
for this SGI box and the netbsd project.

Thank you very much.

PS: You might wanna check out the latest 4.x sgimips iso that is on
your servers, i downloaded it 2x each from a different box, the MD5
sums matched, but the iso burn failed in the middle of its burn
process.  So to get a good ISO I had to try the 3.1.  Can anyone
confirm this?

Thank you in advance,
mod6 <modsix%gmail.com@localhost>

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