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Re: QNAP TS 101 as sane- server -problem

On Sun, 02 Mar 2014 22:05:48 +0000
Helge Muehlmeier <H_Muehlmeier%gmx.de@localhost> wrote:

> I want to use this device as scanner-server using sane and I made a 
> working setup with a custom kernel.

Nice! Can you give some more information about the setup? That would
certainly be interesting to read for others.

I guess you used sane-backends from pkgsrc? Any other configurations

Which scanner model?

I have an old USB scanner somewhere. Maybe I can try to set it up on a
sandpoint-NAS myself, so we can see if it is a general problem.

> My problem is, that the scanned images on my workstation are in a very 
> poor quality... Not only if I use my workstation over a network 
> connection...
> The images I scanned with scanimage on the QNAP device are bad, too...

I didn't know what a scanner-server is, but I found out that "saned" can
be used to set up such a service.

Ok, so the scanner is already providing a poor quality scan, when
connected to the QNAP, and "saned" is irrelevant.

Can you define "poor"? Is it a lower dpi resolution than expected? Or is
the scan wrong (corrupted or swapped pixels, wrong colors)?

> The scanner works perfectly if I use it directly attached on my
> workstation.

What kind of system is that? Also running NetBSD? Using the same SANE

Unfortunately I cannot help you with SANE at all, as I never managed to
install a NetBSD scanner myself. ;)

But it would be very strange when the same scanner delivers different
quality with the same NetBSD and SANE version on different systems. The
USB device driver source is machine-independant, and the QNAP has a
standard NEC D720101 USB chip (OHCI).

My first guess would be different configurations, or a problem with
big-endian in SANE (provided your workstation is little-endian).

> Do I have to use different settings in my kernel?
> Here are my settings I added to the GENERIC kernel:
> #USB Generic Driver
> ugen* at uhub? port ?
> #scanner
> #uscanner* at uhub? port ?
> usscanner* at uhub? port ?
> Any ideas?

Does the scanner really talk SCSI-over-USB?
Just use the same configuration as on your workstation.


Frank Wille

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